PAUL, the nice one, 35cl mug


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Paul says: “nothing to drink hereabout but strawberry latte forever"

Paul, the nice one
presumably died of cranberry sauce
and walking barefoot over Abbey Road,
replaced himself
with a smaller-nosed version of himself,
also known for his stellar contribution
to the world of sweat suits.
a vegetarian.

Paul, ta prikupen
se govori,
da je mrtev od brusnične omake,
ker je koračil čez abbey road,
pa da je sam sebe zamenjal z repliko
lepših ušes in manjšega nosa.
znan po družinski liniji trenirk.

Big Mug 
Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe
100 % Porcelain
35 cl / 12 oz 
Box 11 (L) × 11 (W) × 8,7 (H) cm
Weight 330 g
Made in EU

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