Gracing that exquisite papers are our heroes and heroines Julija, France,Ivan and Alma, all dressed in the finest clothes one can buy for Yuletide's candlelit suppers and winter strolls.

Nastopajo naši junaki in junakinje Alma, Julija, France in Ivan, oblečeni v tople puloverje za zasnežene sprehode in svilene gvante za romantične božične večerje.

Set CHRISTMAS CARDS with DIVAS includes 4 cards and 4 envelopes.⁠
Cards size: 9x19cm 
Envelope size: 11x22cm

Set CHRISTMAS CARDS with DIVAS vsebuje 4 voščilnice and 4 ovojnice.
Velikost voščilnic: 9x19cm 
Velikost ovojnic: 11x22cm

⁠To have this cards washi-taped to the wall, put on the cupboard next to coffee for everyone to see and then treasured for eternity, we chose:⁠
🎄 ...high quality, 100% recycled paper, that is biodegradable, and FSC™ certified⁠ (FSC- a certificate they give for Responsible Care of Forrests 💌)⁠
🎄 ...a technique in print that gives maximum contrast between the shiny illustration and the matt paper.⁠
🎄 ...self-seal envelopes in a natural brown colour that haven't been touched by chlorine or dyed, and are from 100% recycled paper.⁠
🎄 ...those Polonapolona characters that appreciate fashion, own chic sweaters made by their grandmothers and have enough skinny jeans to stylishly dress the entire village.⁠

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