LEGENDARY ROCK 'N'ROLL TRIPTYCH - set of 3 x 35cl mugs


JIM, the lizard king
lover of anagrams, appreciator of a good fire,
yearning to break to the other side,
once acutely observed
that strangers are in fact
the people you don’t know yet,
should not bathe,

Jim says : “where's the fire ?”

 JANIS, the free one
excited by cheap thrills and unsightly painted cars, 
knows that freedom is just another world 
for not having to pick socks after anyone 
and that mercedes is the car to have,
whiskey aficionado, great laugh, 

Janis says : “oh lord, won't you bring me, coffe with cream ?”

 JIMI, the guitar hero
learned playing guitar with his teeth as a party trick, 
flashy dresser, voodoo enthusiast, batman fan, 
delights in playing sardonic anthems 
and wrecking hotel rooms, 

Jimi says : “hey, bro, where are you going with that gin in your cup ?”

Set of 3 Cups  / Set treh skodelic

Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe
100 % Porcelain
Mug 35cl / 12 oz
3 Boxes 25 (L) × 12,5 (W) × 6 (H) cm
Weight 990 g
Made in EU

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