.COCO, the grand one - 19cl cup with saucer


Coco, the grand one

She will insist that black looks chicest
and that women should wear lipstick everyday.
she will also insist
that spending one’s salary on a great jacket
should be tax deductible and seen as investment,
Coco is probably the only coffee cup 
which will remind you
not to leave home without make-up
and wearing comfy pants
for fear of running into husband’s ex-girlfriend
or your first love.

Coco says : “am channeling ... coco today"

Coco, tista ta šik

Coco pravi : “am channeling ... coco today"


Ve, da šminka zbriše par let,
vse podočnjake in pol gub.
ve tudi, da se je za dober plašč vredno
za par mesecev odpovedati plačevanju položnic.
ve, da srečaš njegovo bivšo punco
ali pa svojo prvo ljubezen vsakič,
ko oddideš od doma v »ta komot« hlačah
in z mastnimi lasmi.
zato ona vedno diši.

Cup and Saucer / Skodelica s krožničkom

100 % porcelain

Cup   19 cl / 6 oz
Saucer  15 cm
Box  21 (L) × 18,5 (W) × 9 (H) cm
Weight 570 g

Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe
Made in EU

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