HERCULE, the eggheaded one... 18cl cappuccino cup with saucer


Hercule says: “coffee is excellent for my little grey cells” 

 Hercule, the eggheaded one
appreciates a symmetrical interior design
and good coffee infused with crème de menthe,
has a funny accent,
loves frolicking with amazonian’s,
tickling lions and solving murders.

Hercule, tisti z jajčasto glavo
rad ima ozke lakaste čevlje,
fine pomade za brke in dobro kavo.
nenaklonjen kakršnikoli obliki telesne aktivnosti,
sistematičen mislec, metodičen raziskovalec,
hud gizdalin.

Cappuccino cup and saucer 
Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe
100 % porcelain
Cup   18 cl 
Saucer  14,6cm
Box  15 (L) × 15 (W) × 8 (H) cm
Weight 430 g
Made in EU

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