Milanka, the coolest one, cup 25cl with saucer


Milanka, the coolest one
Valedictorian, IQ exceeding 150;
loves wearing blouses
and cardigans of her long gone auntie, 
believes cycling is a state of mind,
not just a form of transport, 
has an awe inspiring collection of naughty nighties,
tattooed? Oh, yes!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Milanka says : “sharing is...caring"

Milanka, ta zaspana
Rada nosi bluze svoje davno preminule tetke,
zlata maturantka z zlatimi lasmi,
zlatim srcem
in izjemnim smislom za pravičnost, 
ve, da kolo ni le prevozno sredstvo,
ampak stanje duha, 

Cup and Saucer
Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe

100 % Porcelain
25 cl / 7 oz
15 (L) × 15 (W) × 8 (H) cm
Weight 430 g
Made in EU

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