ROCK'N'ROLL "SIX PACK" - Set of 6 x 35cl mugs


AMY - the muse

JIM  - the lizard king
JANIS - the free one
JIMI - the guitar hero
LEMMY - the hoarse-voiced one
DAVID - the one from the outer space

David says  : “the spiders from the mars are coming for tea"
Jim says      : “where's the fire?”
Janis says   : “oh lord, won't you bring me, coffee with cream?”
Jimi says     : “hey, bro, where are you going with that gin in your cup?”
Lemmy says: 
“coffee is thicker than motöroil"
Amy says     : "back to black coffee" 


Set of 6 Mugs  

Suitable for dishwasher and microwaves safe
100 % Porcelain
Mug 35cl / 12 oz
6 Boxes - 6 x 25 (L) × 12,5 (W) × 6 (H) cm
Weight 2.000 g
Made in EU

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