Under our umbrella

We are a boutique brand designing porcelain items that make people nod and smile.

It started out as a passion project...

...with white coffee cups and tingling fingertips.
On a summer afternoon in 2013 Polona went shopping for kitchen towels and accidentally found herself amidst white coffee cups with inexplicably tingly fingertips and an unquenchable thirst to draw something on the inviting white surface.
After two afternoons of drawing, she took pictures of illustrated mugs and sent them to her bestie looking for a perfect gift for her boss.
And got her first commission.

Founded in 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

in Polona's living room, with 150€ she had borrowed from her grandmother

126 Heroes later

changed or enlarged office 8 times
expanded the warehouse 7 times
added 5 team members

got 27 parking tickets while delivering

supplying more than 300 shops

looking forward to another 45.000 hours of creative work

In 2023, we celebrate 10 years

Thank you, you sexy culture lover, for supporting us through our first decade 🐁

Meet the Band

Polona, the creative force

Loves drawing silly people, writing prickly texts, lounging with spy movies or cosy mysteries.
Dreams of conquering the world, one hero a time.

Vesna, the bossy tornado

Mistress of papers, organiser supreme, logistic mastermind. Polona's bestie for the last 20 years.
Likes her music loud and her movies heart-wrenching.

Mateja, the mnemonic supremo

Affectionate to customers, helpful with orders and strict with stock. Forever remembers dates, numbers, names and faces.
Also knows everything that is to know about baking or hot tv shows.

Valerija, the sparkly ingenue

The influencer whisperer, pragmatic advertiser and digital ninja.
Spends her paychecks on concerts and platform shoes. A swiftie.

Romina, the artistic soul

Born with a gift of seeing perfect proportions everywhere.
Takes breathtaking photos of canine misbehaviour, messy coffee tables and chaotic work desks, hates having her own photograph taken.

Mili, the intelectual mastermind

The hardest working member of our all-women team. Loves to chase pigeons and bark at chickens. Lives for muddy walks, apple bites and tummy rubs. 

Eva and the students

Thank you Eva and all of you tough, intelligent, quick, gorgeous and kind young people, for all the help and laughs you bring. I wish you all find fantastic careers, but until then, please, stay with us, we need you.