9 things you didn't know about porridge

1. porridge likes stirring. It is s like an experienced lover. It loves long foreplay involving kinky accessories like pinafore and wooden spoons. 2. porridge hates boiling. You will be late for work if you let oats boiling while washing hair. Burned porridge is no fun to get out of the Creuset. 3. best salty recipe is: oats + water + pinch of salt + big spoon of olive oil+crushed chilli 4. best sweet recipe: oats+ coconut milk + cocoa powder + chocolate nibs + muscovado sugar 5. best everyday recipe: oats + water + frozen blueberries( and you get...

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These 5 Simple drawing tools Will make you look sexy and draw like a deity

just gather my tool list and you will be able to draw just like me -
and, in cases of at least minor talent, you will draw vastly better than I do ;-)

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The Silly Story of Christmas Wishes and bad Carol Singing - inspired by true events

#Christmass silly story

As this is my first post (or at least first post after years) it seems fitting to start with our photoshoot story. (lots of pictures and easy laughs):  Every few month or so, we shoot a Silly Story. This Decembers theme was "what I want versus what I get". It goes like this: Once upon a Christmas dreary...   DADAsked for:  socksWould really like to get: GoPro7s Hero 5 Black Camera With New FeaturesWill receive: socks     MUMAsked for: Pink Kitchen Aid SpatulaWould really like to get:Pomellato earringsWill found under the Christmas tree: GoPro7s Hero 5 Black Camera With New...

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